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Clean Slate Act of New York and How It Would Be Beneficial for You

There are many occasions when people commit a crime like aggravated harassment and stalking, they are either unaware of the extent of it, or sometimes they are even wrongfully convicted, unfortunately. In such cases, finding a job or even moving on with life after getting released from the jail becomes a hassle when there is an arrest record hanging over your head. In times like these, the need for a lawyer becomes significantly necessary, and Pual Biagini is a law consultant who will help you navigate through the process of getting your record sealed. Even though unlike many states, New York does not allow record expungement, with the help of a good lawyer, you can seal your records.

Sealing your records will keep public and private authorities from accessing them, and they would not be able to discriminate against you using this arrest information. It will help you move on with your life and not help you build a life on a crime that you committed years ago.

What is the Clean Slate Act in New York?

In the last few years, many social, and human rights activists and others have been fighting for a new law in New York that will automatically support the sealing of most people’s convection records after seven years. Having a convict record often blocks opportunities for people who are out of jail, no matter how long ago. Under the Clean Slate Act, you will be eligible to automatically seal your record if you have been out of prison and free of convictions for a certain period of time after your last arrest.

In a proposed budget by governor Kathy Hochul, the Clean Slate Act will automatically seal misdemeanor charges after three years and felony records in seven years. It is for people who have completed their sentences and all other post-release parole and avoided any further incidents.

What does it mean for former convicts if Clean Slate Act in New York is successful?

When you have lawyers like Paul Biagini, sealing your arrest record is not as troublesome as doing it on your own. Since Biagini has years of handling such cases, he will ensure that your record sealing process is a smooth and hassle-free one. In addition, he will help you gather all the required documents from the moment you contact him.

The passing of the Clean Slate Act and the automatic sealing of records after a certain period of time will allow move on from their old lives and access all the basic opportunities like housing and employment, etc. According to the supporters of the Clean slate bill, the passing of the bill will be a huge win for social activists and ex-convicts. It will also allow the authorities to address the issues of poverty, issues of fairness, social justice, and issues of morality and ethics. On the other hand, when public and private entities have access to a person’s previous criminal records, it might damage their present life, which is why people have been pushing for the Clean Slate Act in New York for a long time.