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Everything You Need to Know About Sealing Criminal Records in New York

Getting a criminal record tagged to your name is not the best way to live your remaining life if you do not have any idea how to seal it. Two such records are aggravated harassment and stalking, which might affect a broad spectrum of your life from employment, voting rights, and immigration, among many others. Whether you have been wrongfully convicted or it was something you did unintentionally, your arrest record should not have to define how to lead your life.

Unlike many other states, New York laws do not allow you to expunge your criminal records, whether you are wrongfully convicted. However, the new law that has become effective from October 7, 2017, now allows you to seal your arrest record for certain criminal activities, making it unavailable for public and private entities to access.

Finding the best lawyer in New York to help you seal your harassment and stalking record

If you are someone who has been convicted of aggravated harassment and stalking crime, your one crime does not have to define your future. Paul Biagini is a law consultant offering his services who can help you seal your record. With years of experience in assisting people in sealing their records, Biagini is currently one of the most sought-after lawyers in New York.

Even though there are several factors that play into whether your record is eligible to be sealed, with a lawyer like Mr. Biagini, you can be assured that you will have a positive outcome. This is because you can seal up to two convictions on your record; only one of them can be a felony.

Conditions for sealing an adult criminal record

One of the many reasons to hire Paul Biagini as your lawyer is because he can help you seal your records without much of a hassle. With his years of experience, he is well-versed in all the requirements of getting your records sealed. Here are some of the conditions that you will be required to fulfill to be eligible for record sealing:

  1. If 10 years have already been passed since your sentencing or your release from prison, Biagini will help you seal your records so that you can lead a normal life.
  2. If you have already cleaned up your act and have no current or pending criminal charges, it is a great time to seal your records, and Paul Biagini will help you do that in the shortest time possible.
  3. If you have two or less than two convictions on your criminal record, Paul Biagini will help you seal your record in New York. He makes sure that the process is completed as soon as possible without any issues.

As a lawyer, Paul Biagini will make sure to prepare all the necessary supporting documents along with the application, certificate of disposition, and any other document that will support your argument for sealing. From guiding you on which documents are necessary to send the application and the documents to the respective judge, Biagini will take care of the entire process for you.