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The Impact of Harassment and Stalking on Children – Paul Biagini NY State

Harassment and stalking can have profound consequences not only for the victim but also for their family and children. Children exposed to these traumatic experiences may suffer from long-term emotional and mental effects.

In this article, we will delve into the impact of harassment and stalking on children, offering insights from Paul Biagini NY State, and discuss strategies for dealing with such distressing situations.

Harassment and stalking involve repetitive, unwelcome behaviors that cause distress, fear, and anxiety in the victim. These acts may include physical, verbal, or written threats, invasion of privacy, and constant surveillance. The impact on children can be particularly devastating, as they may feel defenseless and incapable of protecting themselves.

Effects on Children:

Children who witness or experience harassment and stalking may develop a range of emotional and behavioral symptoms. These can include anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and behavioral issues. Concentrating in school may become challenging, and they may experience nightmares, disrupting their normal functioning.

The Vulnerability of Online Harassment:

Online harassment and stalking can make children even more vulnerable, as they face cyberbullying, online threats, and even revenge porn. These forms of harassment can be inescapable, even within the confines of their home.

Taking Protective Measures:

Parents or guardians who suspect their child is a victim of harassment or stalking must take swift action to ensure their safety and well-being. Seeking professional help, such as engaging a therapist or counselor, can aid the child in coping with the trauma.

Protecting Privacy and Safety:

It is crucial for parents or guardians to take measures to safeguard their child’s privacy and safety. This includes monitoring online activity and social media accounts, limiting exposure to potential threats, and promptly reporting incidents of harassment or stalking to the authorities. Paul Biagini NY State advises that proactive measures are necessary to protect children from harm.

Legal Action and Restraining Orders:

In severe and ongoing harassment or stalking cases, parents or guardians may consider obtaining a restraining order to prevent further contact with the perpetrator. Seeking the counsel of a qualified attorney is essential to navigate legal options available to safeguard the child’s rights.


The impact of harassment and stalking on children can be profound, affecting their emotional and mental well-being. Immediate action is crucial for parents or guardians to protect their child’s safety and well-being. Seeking professional help and taking appropriate legal action, including obtaining a restraining order, can aid children in overcoming the trauma associated with harassment and stalking, paving the way for a healthy and happy life

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