Paul Biagini Attorney

We are a team of law professionals delivering growth, protection, and management to your business.

● Asset Management And Investment Funds

We help businesses or companies of varying sizes with our expert advice across jurisdictions, letting you focus on your business procedures. Our team of law practitioners works closely with national regulators and other regulatory authorities in the country.

Our services for investment activities include fund formation, ongoing representation of existing investment, and assistance with exit strategies.

● Finance

Our finance service incorporates all the areas that make financing and restructuring transactions of various industries or businesses across the world. Our services include the buy-side and sell-side representation. We also represent borrowers, lenders, collateral managers, investors, rating agencies, and many other professionals.

Our clients can benefit from our services like regulatory, legal, or take our help in other issues that require experts who are experienced in complex financial scenarios. Our service for finance is mostly advising clients across various capital markets or industries.

● Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance services include routine counseling of companies on the issues their companies face on day-to-day basis. Our law practitioners offer a perspective to the counseling boards and committees, senior managers, internal legal teams, etc. Our expertise as reliable advisors helps the investors and their boards and helps in strategizing plans for their issues.

● Intellectual Property

We help our clients with the protection of unique ideas, technology, products, brands, etc. We offer services to various clients on their complex IP litigation, transactions, and counseling. With our services, you don’t have to fear losing your market position. We work with various industries and cases and help our clients with patents, copyrights, trademarks, advertising matters, etc.

● Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Large organizations face legal disputes quite often, and this calls for legal intervention. We are a team of exceptional law practitioners enabling us to effectively handle major cross-border disputes. We offer resolutions of high-risk litigation, international arbitration, regulatory investigations, etc. Our solutions are often practical, and our approach to resolving the issues is aimed at efficiency.

● Labor, Employment, And Workplace Safety

Companies should take care of their employment and workplace relations, which more or less impact every aspect of the company. We take care of action, including hiring employees, management, workplace safety, etc. Our team is also associated with any issues that result from the employment relationship, which can be anything from policy development, employment issues advice, support, or defense to an employee, etc. We deliver assistance across the full employment life cycle.

● Environmental, Social, and Governance

Environmental issues continue to affect the process of many companies and transactions. Proper environmental legal counseling and strategy are important, without which businesses will fail as a result of random, unpredictable events. Similar problems can also completely close your business operations as a whole.

Our services are aware of these environmental and social governance challenges that companies face and assist our clients in many aspects of their business.

● Employee benefits

Our services regarding employee benefits are associated with guiding our clients from different types of companies through issues related to benefits. Employee benefits issues arise in various corporate transactions and restructuring matters such as retirement plans, ESOPs, health benefit plans, multiemployer plans, etc.

Our services also include addressing post-transaction issues or negotiations with various governmental agencies.

● Licensing

We specialize in licensing expertise, where we represent both the licensor and licensee of intellectual property rights and intangible assets. We help in arranging the licenses regarding technology, patents, copyrights, data, databases, materials, software, etc.